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“Good morning world isn't it nice that there is always another hand to life! Happily today is Thursday. And on that hand on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I am deviating slightly from my other blog posts. Accordingly due to the need I have, to find the time to continue writing my other books, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I will be sharing quotes from my first novel "AT CIRCLES BEND" that I have already written.


Please keep in mind during these “book sharing days” I will be jumping around in the chapters, so to get the whole story please order my book right here. Yes it is available internationally in most countries.


To me this is a lot of fun, because on these "book sharing days" my blog is a combination of my first book, as it highlights issues that you are currently going through. Absolutely I love how the soul song of my characters indomitable spirit helps others, as Angelica's fear and passion for living  is seen coming through the pages while the words talk directly to those reading them.


Therefore today by sharing my writing and thoughts with you, on “this book sharing day”  I will just let you use your own imagination as you discover how this book relates to you. And I will let you discover how this novel touches you as my leading lady speaks directly to your heart like you are her best friend or therapist.

 Accordingly saying that we will again hear my fictional character Angelica saying……


“On the other hand in that similar instability that accompanied me, I was precariously perched between exhilaration, and apprehension, combined with exultation and terror. Therefore on my pirate ship of indecision where I walked the plank to my demise many times, I realized  a misstep could have been fatal, but even there, leaning on faith, I  discovered balance.


Yes on the other side of the fairy tale propaganda in the same uneasy equilibrium, as I swayed uncomfortably, I adored happily playing inside my make believe doll houses of my childhood’s mind, trying to have life be what I needed it to become.

On the other hand, living overseas in Arabia and struggling with what my life was, the spotlighted damsel in distress discovered no exit as my splash still seemed eminent.


Happily, however I would have thought about that possibility another day, and as I ignored that poor thought process during that transient time, the innocent Tinkerbelle inside of me, gone with the wind, found temporary fulfillment. 

Therefore as I started to fly I looked forward to many years of exciting explorations. Understandably living over the seas far away from our pressing financial problems in the United States, expecting to have extra money and great vacations coming, I looked onward to going back in time. Yes I looked forward  to viewing many exotic old histories and meeting many very interesting people!


Evidentially that creativity of my mind altering, first fit beautifully into my life of kings and queens where I learned to side step problems and hide away in my safe palace of sand castles. 

Therefore I realized early on how to dodge ugly witches, and how to sidestep loud dislodged dragons that sadly had become tangible in my reality and very vulnerable world.


Thus as I attended life’s school, but failed the classes I futilely majored in Princess 101.Yet, in spite of everything (especially me), on our first touchdown onto European soil, I learned many life lessons as I survived the flight of the night.

Yes I learned to conquer fear with faith. I learned how to pray harder every day. I learned how to enjoy things that at first seemed terrifying. And daily I learned patience as I waited for all good things, including my furniture (that was in the boat shipment) to come back my way.

 Jointly in all of that I discovered that our first mystical wand trip was magical, like all good fairy tales should have been. And in that confirmation that magic might exist after all (if I just searched harder) I immensely enjoyed every new taste, smell, sight and sound I found on that first of many contentious carpet rides of life.


Accordingly during that trip, I added the words “day dream, nightmare, reality ,magic and learned” to my life list of quarrelsome words I had not liked, some that I had; as I learned many things very quickly from our move overseas. 

Obviously I realized that  I liked day dreaming, but that I had not liked learning life lessons found in those accompanying nightmares.


Sadly, however in that deliberation, I fretted it had not ever mattered what I liked or wanted, and that I had many more wishful day dreams, connected to screaming tests with instructions coming my way.

No, I would never like learning my life lessons, and as I further sensed a whole lot more tears and Payne were following I also feared I would never endure that pain or end the nightmares…


On the other hand there always was another side to things. Mercifully there always was a different way to look at what was coming also another way to see  what had already been.


On that hand there always was a good way to view the world, and as I walked in faith more and more every day, I understood that there were also things called sweet dreams . 

Yes there were always rainbows that had come right after the scary storms…” Joslin Fitzgerald

To be continued..


Well that was fun. Yes I love sharing my writer’s heart with you. Remember to get the full story and to keep on following my fictional characters Angelica, Conner and Coby Payne please order my first book here.


And come back to my blog on Monday, Wednesday also Friday for the normal inspirational thoughts. And then on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for more quotes from this encouraging and very motivational adventure packed fun book. 

See you soon!


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