Thursday, April 17, 2014


“Good morning World. Welcome to my teeter totter imagination and the exhilarating story found there.  Today is a new writing day for me, so as I use this off time (preparing my first children’s book) to keep the blog going daily, I will be sharing a previously written quote from my novel AT CIRCLES BEND.  

At Circles Bend is my first book out of a sequel series of fictional novels that I have just written, called a “Circles Legacy.”  Eagerly in that intriguing introduction to a fascinating enchanted place called LA LA LA, land or Never Ever Time “At Circles Bend,” is about the fiery circles we face in our lives.


Yes this book is about the dizzy circles of decisions, directions, and destinations that we find ourselves making, while we are going forward, (always looking backwards,) venturing off somewhere, hoping to find what we left behind. 

This book is further about the teeter totters we balance on. 

The book is similarly about the circles in our time, as they go around spinning us upside down over again while we are lost and found. 

To that end this book is also like holding a looking glass up to your face, as you will easily see this character in your reflection.


In this quote that I am sharing today, my leading lady Angelica (fresh off of the plane leaving Alabama) has already arrived into the intolerable living conditions that she has found in the ghettos of Saudi Arabia. 

Accordingly in that arrival simply  to pacify her racing heart, that is trying to attack her, she has left the reality of hell that she has found in the desert, and she is in a teeter totter day dream trying to find relief from the heat!

To that beginning we are now  hearing Angelica as she is saying….


Thankfully by the shelter found in the state of prayer, by mentally leaving Arabia, arriving cerebrally back into Amsterdam I found some relief. Mercifully in my day dreams I was able to put most of those frenzied thoughts about living in the hell of Saudi out of my beleaguered mind.

Yes I discovered generated mental relief thinking back to the days when we   explored our first country that were extremely exhilarating. Needless to say I enjoyed the break from the certainty of my mistake, even though I once again found myself on a new teeter totter of no choice trying hard to stay up without crashing down to the ground.


Thus I rightfully suspected in my reality of being awake, and also my unreality state of being asleep, there was nobody on the other end of my see saw journey to stabilize me let alone to catch me in the collapse of my imminent fall. Sadly I understood if that was true  I needed to remain balanced.


Perceptively, however in that conflicting up and down thought, since I had always known that nightmares were stronger than sweet dreams, I was worried. 

Yes I feared even though I wanted the best in my stability; the worse in my off balance lunacy was coming if I was dropped on my head. Astutely in that equilibrium consideration, I was not always able to fight back the stabilize fear that encapsulated me, and I felt the fall would have been imminent and deadly.


Delicately in that deliberation, wondering if suicide was better than breathing, I also believed in my lack of faith letting fear lead me was a violation of trust to my Savior, so that too kept me feeling constantly guilty and off kilter. Subsequently  in that revolving thought I prayed more…" Joslin Fitzgerald 

to be continued

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