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Good morning world. Today I am on another deadline as I am getting my first children’s book ready for you. Obviously anytime that happens that limits the time I can spend writing on the blog, so I thought that I would again share something with you that I have already written. 

Therefore I thought I would give you a special sneak peek into my children’s book, called "AN ESCAPING PRINCESS AND A RUNAWAY PRINCE" that is coming very soon.


For a little introduction I  have written this book, around the concept of 

Truth, Consequence and the Moral to the story is, after a life lesson has been  learned. 

Excitedly this unique cute look in  book will help children deal with their confused thoughts about running away, as they learn staying at home is great, and also how to appreciate their home, and family.


The book is for all ages, boys and girls as it is about tea cups and bugs, while chasing the fairy tale going on a giant and fairy hunt.


Happily I should have some books for sale next month. And for a limited time I will be offering these special books with my author autograph. More will be coming on that soon, but for now please enjoy…




Once upon a time in a land far away lived a little girl named Kay and her clever twin brother Jay. In their lives going astray we will find they both have a lot to say.

 So, Come one, come all, and as you listen closely having a ball, I will tell you a story today, involving two nice children who were disobeying. 

Yes I will tell you a tale about an important life lesson we should all learn well where an everyday “pretty two peas in the pod following along” daughter, and her ordinary “cute double trouble exploring” brother, in their goodbye fare thee wells were escaping.


No, the twins had not kindly stayed waiting, or nicely gone outside to play like they told their sister, brother, father, and mother on that lazy crazy day. Yes to that beginning and end the kids had something else in mind, while chasing the fine line magical kind bedtime rhymes.


Oh no, tricky Jay and crafty Kay told an untruth and instead of remaining at home, they decided to pursue the fairy tales that would make their dreams come true along their way. Yes the kids were searching for smiling magic they heard about at story time, because they wanted to be the Princess and Prince living in the great make-believe castle.


So with Kay desiring to wear bold royal sparkling crowns, with flowing twirling agile gowns, also fragile swirling pearls, and Jay cowboy boots, a fat hat with tuxedo, the pretending twins planned on running away! 

No, not because they were naughty children at play, but rather so they could hear what the nice dancing bees, fine laughing breezes and the delightful singing trees would say.


Yes the kids were running away looking to find enchantment on that day. Thus as the fun story was going on in their play to recognize them…. the Princess had eyes of beautiful, sparkling, sapphire blue, caressed with sweet kissed cheeks of pink rose’s dew. 

Kay further had hair of long glistening gold and a face touched by twinkling diamonds I have been told.


In introduction Prince Jay too was extremely sweet, with gorgeous eyes green as leaves, and in his warm grin was a blooming dimple that melted the snow right out of the trees. 

Truly the twins were darling indeed, but sadly in their magic mirror picture window with missing peace, things were not well at home it seems. Yes they had seen their lives as a nightmare, and dream.


Thus in common household confusion they felt their family was kind, but sometimes they thought their foolish parents were mean and out of line. So looking to make the most of their time in that wrong decision to find the grass that looked greener on the other side, the twins had run away in the handy dandy summer when they needed a fan.

 Hummm or maybe that was in bitter winter when the kids needed a heater. Oh how silly of me that might have been neither.


Well wait a minute I know, the day may have been in the blustery leaf-changing hours right before the snow was coming, when the cool autumn winds were blowing and howling. 

Ok wait a minute that was not right at all, because Kay and Jay had run away on the first day in May when the baby spring bugs were crawling, and the springing rosebuds were calling.


 Chapter two... To be continued...


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