Saturday, March 15, 2014


Good morning world. Today my blog will be different and a little short , because I am on another deadline with my first children's book. 

But even so I wanted to stop by 
and say Hi !
So in saying Hi I have decided to share 2 of my books,  brand new, just designed, hot off of the drawing board characters, (that we are still tweaking)
 with you !

Happily you all have been asking me what my first children's book 

( due out this May) 


is all about?

And who it has been written for ?

Excitedly it is for all children of all ages

So in a nutshell....

The story is about Jay and Kay who are running away the first day of May. 

The story is located in a dump, inside a trash can that the twins call buggy land. 

Here the escaping kids who are wanting to be a Prince and Princess are running away from home, while roaming trying to chase the fairy tale. 

In the tale Jay and Kay will meet many magical nice, (yet kind of mean), Growing bugs, slugs, cruds, flies, lice, caterpillars,  centipedes, and fleas that the confused kids, chasing crazy things on fairy tale wings, will see as friends, and family.

 In this adventure the twins will also set out for giant, fairy, and bug capturing or tea!  

So the book is all about bugs and tea cups, as it teaches all children in a very funny, zany, slap happy, playful manner Never to go roaming. 


To that beginning and end my friends please enjoy meeting Princess Kay who is exploring tea cup town today, and Slimy Slim the Slug bug who lives in buggy land.

Yes together they will take you on a crazy wild adventure, while running around escaping, going in and out of the trash cans last stand, as your grateful child will venture with the Itchy twins into the deep, dark, damp, blacks caves with them!

Excitedly more about Kay and Slim, including Prince Jay, Mickey the vampire Fly,  also Dee the neat tutu wearing ballerina Centipede, and Timmy Miller the foot ball playing Caterpillar will be coming Soon!

So stay tuned once again.
And now Meet Slimy Slim !

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