Friday, February 14, 2014


Good morning world! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I just wanted to drop by and say have a blessed day! Yes even though I am still on my book writing deadline, (and that means I can not write much today ) I still wanted to send some sincere prayers, sweet thoughts, and pretty pictures along your way! 

Happily in saying that my blog will be back to normal writen daily on Monday. 

But until then once  again my friend, my prayer for you is that you will share this sweet cookies, and ice cream day with somebody new. Yes remember everybody needs to feel love too! 

So stop and see the need in everybody you meet, as you are smiling at them walking down the street. And by sharing Jesus LOVE sent to all of us from heaven above you won't need pretty flowers , sticky candy, or icing cake to make your day,  because you will find in your faith Jesus is all you need!

And knowing that while sweetly sharing your caring with others.... this will truly be a great HAPPY complete 


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