Saturday, November 9, 2013


Good morning world. Sadly today I am thinking of our dear friends in the Philippines and my sweet  readers there that have suffered a tremendous blow. I feel like there are some in that country  in the wake of the cyclone that may have already gone Away back home. 

In saying that I received several emails recently from our friends and earthly family telling me they accepted Jesus as their Savior before it was too late. Thankfully even in the midst of destruction they found peace with their direction, and discovered forgiveness for heavens sake!

Therefore let us all verify life is short as the storms are going by. Yes we are only here until God blinks his eye. In saying that we are ALL hanging on to our life by one wink of our closed eyes, because tragedy can happen at any time.

Absolutely we can all out of the blue be in a car accident. We could instantly become sick. We could have a surprise heart attack. We could innocently fall down and break our neck!  Yes catastrophes can and Will come out of the blue, and many bad confusing things 
Including Death Will happen to you. 

That is why you too need Jesus in your life, because like those who have recently died, and are now crying after the violent winds have blown by, we must verify in order to fly we have to accept Jesus Christ !

Therefore In Knowing Soon we are going  home to heaven we can then realize that death and disasters are no reasons to cry they are instead away, to go back home. Yes death and catastrophes are just away to start over and in trusting Jesus and Knowing everything will be better, we will then Know when the hard winds blow,  that bad things are instead just good things in disguise. 

Thank you for reading my blog
In these thoughts, as you are a huge part of my heart, let us join in silent prayer for our friends over the seas to show them we care!
The Bible says as two or more of you are gathered on our knees in Jesus name nothing bad including pain can remain. So let's now pray for the Philippines, and everybody else who is in harms way. Yes let's pray for their best, and especially that they will come to know Jesus today. Amen

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