Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hi!! How are you! Well today is special since I am trying to put a you tube post on my blog. Hopefully this will work!
If so you will actually MEET me. I started this you tube virtual blog in desire of  reading my book to you! Like a fire side chat of a friend reading to another friend!

So I hope this works and that you forgive me the little mistakes I make as doing this is very nerve racking and is not easy!

Now with out further to do, here is another sneak peak of "
At Circles Bend" for you ..
Just click on this link below.
Thank you again for your orders, feedback and support!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More on At Circles Bend

My lost leading lady Angelica tells the story to the reader like she is talking and confiding directly to you. To that end she needs a friend as she finds herself a victim of extreme dictatorship while overshadowed and trapped behind a dysfunctional marriage and the concealed mysterious black veils of the secretive suffocating hijab.

This book will take you on a jubilant journey to many foreign countries, including mysterious recollections into shadowy Iran. In this journey you will celebrate and cry with Angelica.

You will also Struggle with her over shady reflections that are compounded by circling bereavements with mortalities and retention torture from her insecurities. During that time of captivity and accumulated hours of incarceration within her life, you will further identify with her as the shy young woman stays mired in a pit of blackness inside her destiny, as she crawls and claws her way out, or buries herself further.

Now the invitation is extended for you to take a peek inside and see what lies behind Angelica's disguised eyes, while you go with her on a mysterious magic carpet ride.

Tomorrow I will down load the first Video.

Have a blessed day!

Monday, February 27, 2012



At Circles Bend is not about finding love, it is about surviving it once love is found. Therefore my first book out of a series of 14 fantasia novels... circles
around the blind bends we take in life and what it takes to go around those bends as we blindly battle fear with faith.

Accordingly never knowing what is coming, this book is based on a move to the ghettos of old time Saudi Arabia where an American family is abruptly transplanted. In the same move my leading lady Angelica is over come with that transition as she is dominated by a version of ecstasy while haunted by her own interpretation of hell.

This is your first sneak peak into my newly released fictional novel.

I will be sharing more almost daily including some promotional videos over the next couple of months, followed by more poetry.

It is my hope as I share my heart with you that you will share my book with others. I know you will enjoy drinking a cup of coffee or tea with me as you are reading these books.

So for now have a great day or night! and Treat somebody right as you go around your circles bend.

For your autographed copy go to

You can do that from my blog profile or from googling Joslin Fitzgerald
You can also find the book with all major distributors.
Thank you for sharing this journey with me!

Friday, February 24, 2012

ETERNAL HEART the final part

Good morning or good evening! Right now where I am it is SNOWING! What is the weather like where you are?

Today I am finishing the third part of Eternal Heart! Sadly, since it too is under copyright I can not finish the whole poem. Happily, however sometime next year you can read it in total in my book "Away Back Home"

So here is the final part I can share of Eternal Heart!

Since the day I met you I have known life and love are the same.
We are joined Eternal hearts with our bonded vows, and our last name.
In that promise we have been happy even in the stormy problems rain,
as together in heavenly protection we have lived, loved and stayed.

So Thank you for reading my blog, and for now to all a good night or good day!

Stay tuned, because Starting Monday I will be sharing my new book that is currently in distribution.
Yes there is More coming about

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hi friends from all around the world!
I just wanted to share a special day in my life with you! Yesterday I had my first book signing for my premiere launching novel
"AT CIRCLES BEND", and thankfully it went very well!
To that end next month I will be chatting with you more about this very interesting and exciting book that just went into distribution 2 months ago! It is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, also Borders, further with all other major distributors.It is additionally available with authors signature on my web site at

Monday, February 20, 2012

The second half of ETERNAL HEART

Hi everybody, and a special Hi to my new friends in Russia, Bulgaria, and Egypt! Welcome to my world, and thank you for sharing yours with me!

To those of you who have ordered my new book " AT CIRCLES BEND. Much more will be coming next month on it!

Including some fire side chat videos where I will actually be reading parts of the book to you. So keep watching the blog for special peaks into my fictional characters world too. Angelica is waiting for you!
To order an autographed copy go. To my web site
For those around the world Amazon will send it to you!

But for now here is the middle part to the previous start of my poem coming from yet another book of mine available next year .. Entitled "Away Back Home".

Here is Eternal Heart!

Happily even in adversity you and I will gently sway,
while in our loves youth we will always play.
The huge mirrored ball of decisions twirling around us.
Thankfully together we won't get lost in our wanderlust.

No, nobody has ever waltzed like this before,
around and around the ballroom floor.
My attacked mind numb in feeling
The ballroom of hope reeling..

Next week I will wrap it up for you!
My isn't Love a grand thing!

In honor of the love month my Valentine is here to say hi to you too!

Have a Blessed Day!! And say "I love you" to somebody along your way!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Good morning, and to many of you good night! I hope that where ever you are beginning or ending your day it has been a good one for you in every way!
Right now I just watched the sun fire the sky, on a early spring day sun rise. Yes even though it should still be winter it feels like spring, and now I would like to start my next poem that I am sharing.

I hope this reminds you all of somebody special also! If so give that somebody a loving kiss! Since they
Have an.....

Eternal Heart...too

In my eternal heart through out the years,
I still love to feel your kiss and for you to hold me near.
To me the last time is like the first time in your arms my dear.
In our faith and your love I have no timeline or fear.

I have realized in life and our marriage forever our eternal hearts will live,
with all of our chosen love and trust to give.
Yes together in daily problems we will always dance,
In our love we will be secure in each others glance.

Thank you for enjoying my blog. There is More coming next week as I share another part of my poem Eternal Heart, from my up and coming book "Away Back Home"!

The picture "Sweetheart's" is for sale on my web site ( for shipment within the US only sorry) at

Have a Blessed Day!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hi everyone from all over the world!!
I just wanted to say thank you for reading my blog, and to let you know tomorrow I will be starting my new poem entitled "Eternal Heart" that will end the Love month. I will also be sharing another one of my paintings
titled " Sweethearts"
I hope you all are having a blessed day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A new poem for VALENTINES DAY

It is Valentines day all over the world,
for every little, big boy and girl.
It is a time to give candy, gold, teddy bears, or pearls,
but whether it is riches or a simple card, kiss, or hug you bestow in your whirl,

It is also a Wonderful time set aside for a special day,
that is coming gently for us to say,
in all different languages in all perfumed ways,
how much we care for each other come what may.

So from me, to you, to your friends, and family too take time to express,
what is found inside our universal familiar gestures that we know best,
the one that highlights forevers devotion as it beats in our chest,
our messenger that plays with us and gives us sleep in hectic hours and peaceful rest.

Yes we need to cherish and take care of our sweet hearts,
that say in our giving phrases of adoration we will never part,
the same that gives us love as emotions stop and start.
So be kind to the universal sign asking somebody please be mine in perfect words and beautiful art.
By Joslin Fitzgerald

Happy Valentines Day!!
From my sweet heart to yours!!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Hi how are you all? As promised I will be writing the third paragraph to my poem "MY MOTHER'S HEART" shared from my book entitled "AWAY BACK HOME". Please remember that this work is under copyright and may not be reproduced in any way. Therefore you will understand that due to copyright restrictions I can not finish the entire poem, but don't worry, because soon it will be available for you in my first book of poetry coming out approximately in 2013.

So here it is

In my mothers beautiful heart and soul I discover my purpose and rest.
In my mothers eyes I find my happiness, I can see I am the best.
In my mothers waves of faith I grow and my strength will never crest.
In our soul mates connection there will never be sadness or unrest!

Thank you for enjoying this poem with me! I hope that this has touched and inspired you too, and that all of you (that can) will give Your mother a special hug and KISS on Valentines day! I know in this month of LOVE that will touch her HEART and yours with bliss in everyway!

Next week I will share another poem I have written that is included in the same book, entitled "ETERNAL HEART", and I will also highlight another piece of art work.
Have a blessed day!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Here comes book NUMBER TWO!

Hi, how are you all? This blog is a little different but I am excited. So I wanted to share with you all the exciting news that book NUMBER TWO, is officially under contract to a huge global publishing house! Eta on my next book
"A CIRCLE TO INSIGHT" is possibly July
This cover (below my post) is for my first book "AT CIRCLES BEND" that is currently in publication with all major distributors and on my web site waiting for you to enjoy!
So please join me in this incredible fictitious journey as you let my exciting and slightly neurotic character Angelica take you with her on a wild magic over seas carpet ride. To start this heart massaging adventure go to my web site for more information and for the opportunity of ordering your book with autograph.

Next week I will wrap up the poem
MY MOTHERS HEART from my next coming book AWAY BACK HOME.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hi everybody!
I am new to blogging, and so I wanted to say thank you for Welcoming me into your life's! I am looking forward to sharing my poetry with you weekly and next month I will also share some sneak peaks into my newly distributed book entitled "At Circles Bend"!
This fictional book is in distribution with each major distributor all over the world, and is also available within the United States on my web site
With my autograph.

So again Everybody WELCOME to my world!!

With a special HI going out to my new friends reading this in Germany, China, and Iran!! Wow! It really is a small world!!

Ps: I have been to all those fascinating countries and I have wonderful memories of each!

So, Thank you again and Keep watching for more of the poem
"My Mothers Heart" coming next week!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Hi this is my Valentine, whose name really is Valentine ! She is my baby and will be 15 years young Feb 14th. We almost lost her ( and me too thinking of living without her) six months ago to a heart attack. Happily, however her heart medication is doing
Wonderfully and so is she! That means I am doing well too! If you all have angels with four paws watching over you in your day, you know what I mean!
So in honor of my Valentine Tomorrow I will be reducing the price on my HEART paintings only for the month of Love, to celebrate Valentine's birthday!
Please go to my web site
www.circleslegacypublishing for more information

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Part two of my poem from my coming book "Away Back Home"

The day of love is coming and I am sharing parts of a poem I have written for my mother. My mother has been in heaven, since I was seventeen, ( that seems like a lifetime ago) but even so I feel her with me everyday. I hope this poem touches you as much as it does me! I pray that this reminds you of your mother too!

My Mothers Heart!
(Part two)

My mother needs to say no words for goodness is her silent intent.
I am happy in my mothers legacy, for there is a song with life's poetic encouragements.
I cherish that my mother touches me with hope, because my mother is love directly heaven sent.
I am thankful that my mothers lips are full of praises laced with much needed and appreciated compliments.

Please keep watching my blog for the next paragraph coming soon! I would also appreciate you checking out my book in distribution "At Circles Bend" and my art work on my web site

I will be sharing more with you soon!