Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Most of us

Good morning world

In anticipation of the holidays exactly what do they mean to you? Do the holidays find you sad or happy? Or do they find you in the pink then sinking in the blue?

So which are the HI LOW days to you? Accordingly are these days HIGH LOW days or are they HOLIDAYS ? Yes are these days HOLLOW DAYS or are they they HOLLERING DAYS ? In another consideration maybe they are HI DAYS or HOLY DAYS? Yes which days are these days to you?

Obviously that all depends on how you look at them, but my friends I have found that is the TRICK and TREAT of life!!!

Yes everything we are, everything we have, everything we do, and everything we want to come true all DEPENDS on how you Look at things in your life's hullabaloo !!

So saying that have you ever thought about the holidays in different ways! Have you ever thought that the holidays for some people are called holidays, but for some others they are called hollow days ! In that Statement I'm going to define what the differences between the holidays and hollow days are to me.

Accordingly I am starting a new progressive poem
Called the "Hollow Holidays". Please look for the new entry to be added in the last part of the poems content.
Please also remember that these poems are progressive and they are meant to be read every day so that they can (as always) bless you as you're going along your life's way.

Please further remember that All thoughts and poems contained on this blog are either under copy right or are under pending copyright for books coming,and should not be reproduce without permission. This blog thoughts and poems are just my way of witnessing, while getting you to think differently, as I am sharing something special with you from me.

"The Hollow Holidays"

Yes it is True that some people, see the holidays as great times one day out of the year with the calendar flipping and flying.
Yes some people see the Holidays as fun days with unlimited happiness coming.
Yes some people see the teasing day as dragging on in its arriving.
and some people see the end month count as materialistic in Santa's misguiding.

In another thought some people see the holidays as quickly fleeing.
Some see the holidays as having very little meaning.
Some see the holidays as only being
hundreds of presents underneath the Christmas tree.
Some see the holidays as something to unwrap and forget about the next morning.
Yes to some people a holiday is nothing more than a lot of trouble or fun coming..,

Of course in those thoughts there are occasionally hic up problems with the holidays, but for most of us those little speed bumps just barely slow us down.
Thus when it comes to the holidays coming to town we are very excited as we look forward to great times to come that we have just found.
In that hunt of anticipation we also look forward to even better food and happier sounds.
Yes most of us have a lot to look forward to including family coming home that we actually look forward to seeing, with trimmed trees, and special dishes that will complete our good moods, or merry holiday wishes that make us happier all around.

The poem will continue tomorrow.

So dear friends that statement begins another month of new reflections! Needless to say I hope the thoughts from November had special meaning. Yes I pray that those meditations of mine helped you become more thankful day after day all of the time, as we are all reminded that thanksgiving is more than turkey, and more than us being turkeys also !! Yes being thankful for everything is a reminder for everyone of you, including me too to Praise The Lord from whom all blessings flow !!

Therefore In that constant thought of holidays and Thanksgiving I want you to know I appreciate you and I am very thankful that you are my friend. So saying that as I just prayed for you I ask that you would pray for me again !!

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