Sunday, September 23, 2012

You will remember

Good Morning World

Today I am continuing my new poem called
"Have You Ever"? Tomorrow it will be finished and a new one will start

In that thought have you ever considered who you really are? Have you ever viewed yourself as a star? Have you ever seen your true worth?
Yes have you ever looked deep inside of you wondering about what you have done and what you deserve?

So as the poem "Have You Ever" continues..and the new addition is seen in the last paragraph..

Have you ever wanted to be a Princess?
Have you ever wanted to run encumbered around your palace?
Have you ever wanted to be waited on hand in foot in your entitlement?
Yes have you ever wanted to be called your highness?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were fanned like a royal lady?
Have you ever wondered if the title of queen would make you happy?
Have you ever wondered if having servants would end your misery?
Have you ever wondered if dragons slain at your feet could define your legacy?

Sadly in our life it is easy to loose track of who we really are!
Tragically we have forgotten we are royalty given by our heavenly Father.
Yes we have lost sight of where we are going and how we have come so far.
Miserably we have forgotten that we were delivered arriving on a divine falling star!

Yes indeed it seems in life we have forgotten a lot but Happily I have good news for you!
All you need to do is look back and forward in review.
Yes you will then remember that your Father is The King of Kings.You are a princess of blood line pure and true.
Yes you are a royal lady with sweet lips
Kissed by the angelic courts dew.

The poem will continue and conclude tomorrow..

Until then my friends as we are spinning around the globe, some of us just waking up and some of us tucked in underneath the moons heavenly hold,
Please know that no matter what time it is that we are all guided by the SON!
Yes we are all sisters and brothers standing one by one, and as such we need to pray for eachother as I have just finished praying for you whether our day is starting on the run, or whether our day is done and is in review.

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  1. I just loved this poem and the story behind this is really amazing and inspiring, I really liked your post and will recommend my followers to read this.