Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Have you ever

Good Morning World

Today I am starting a new poem called
"Have You Ever"?

In that thought have you ever considered who you really are? Have you ever viewed yourself as a star? Have you ever seen your true worth?
Yes have you ever looked deep inside of you?

So as the poem "Have You Ever" starts...

Have you ever wanted to be a Princess?
Have you ever wanted to run encumbered around your palace?
Have you ever wanted to be waited on hand in foot in your entitlement?
Yes have you ever wanted to be called your highness?

The poem will continue tomorrow please look for the latest entry in the last paragraph.

Until then my friends as we are spinning around the globe, some of us just waking up and some of us tucked in underneath the moons heavenly hold,
Please know that no matter what time it is that we are all guided by the SON!
Yes we are all sisters and brothers standing one by one, and as such we need to pray for eachother as I have just finished praying for you whether our day is starting on the run, or whether our day is done and is in review.

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