Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why don't We listen

Good Morning World well today there are no new countries but the United states added 115 NEW readers!! WOW! I also thought it would be fun for everyone to see where our readers are. Thus I have listed the countries below. So far I have welcomed ..readers to this blog from

Poland,Belgium,Russia,Israel,Iran,BrazilMalaysia,Canada,Bulgaria,Egypt,South Korea,Turkey,Jamaica, the UK, Germany, Afghanistan,Moldavia,Latvia,
China, Philippines,Yugoslavia, Indonesia,Slovakia,Ukraine, Australia,Columbia, the Dominican Republic and of course my largest group in America!!

So when I say Good Morning World.. I really mean Good Morning World!!!and Welcome Everybody!!

Today I am continuing my new poem called
"Running Late". To that end the word "late" means a lot of different things to us. Yes "late" means we are not on time, and when we not meeting our requirements or deadlines that can be very bad for us.

Being late can also mean a delay in delivery, or a late start in giving something away, but being too late in accepting Jesus as your Savior can mean the end of all your days! Yes being late in life while being called "the late one" laying in the grave means in that "too late" decision that things have not gone the right way!

So in that thought here is my poem
"Running Late"The newest addition is in the last paragraph of the poetry.

Today when I woke up I was late, I had over slept, and I needed a lot more rest counting sheep.
In getting up I burned my hand on a cup of coffee which slowed me down even more as I dressed hurriedly.
In that mess my socks did not match and I had a splitting headache immobilizing me.
In doing all of that I had just known that was a prelude to a very bad day

No things were not going well,well at least as far as I could tell as started off my day.
So as I gobbled down something unidentified from my refrigerator in turning my sour stomach I had a lot of four letter words to say!
No matter I did not have time to fuss, cuss or to be sick, because I was running late,
and Yes I had once again begun my day without Praying.

To have made things worse In the events of the new mournings curse the
clock stopped, the alarm had not gone off, and it was obvious I would not have been on time.
In all of that I immediately felt stressed starting out on this morning of "slowing me down land mines".
In that chaos, anger then quickly replaced stress when I also noticed I was low on gas as the engine chocked and whined.
No nothing was going right, when in that moment the Lord said" slow down, stop! You need to pray. You need me everyday. Yes stop and talk to me today, because you are heading for trouble precious child of mine"!

No I did not hear Jesus, as I once again shrugged him off, after all I had not taken the time to listen to him and pray.
No after all I did not need Jesus telling me what to do. No I did Not need Jesus.. anyway.
After all I always thought prayer was something from my childhood I was taught to do as I had gone astray.
Yes prayer was just lip service I was taught to give to God when I needed help or disobeyed.

So in that teaching of faith I used prayer off and on in life when I needed it along my sinking quick sand way.
Yes prayer occasionally had come in mighty handy when people hurt me as in life and love I was betrayed.
Yes I have to admit protective prayer seemed to work well when I had been caught in the middle of life's bullet ricochets.
So thinking like that in the back of my mind I once more thought about praying when I again heard Jesus say "you need to slow down today"...

No matter I had still not believed what Jesus was saying as in that urgent warning too,
I screeched out of my driveway madder still as the gears jammed while down the driveway I flew.
In my hurry I still did not get it... even when I dropped a rim or two when I hit the pot hole head on ! No I never had a clue!
Yes I always wondered why things were so hard for me, as I again heard Jesus say in review " slow down! Why can't You Hear me? What is wrong with You"?

Well yes indeed that was a very good question Jesus asked , because as far as I could tell there was A LOT wrong with me!!
So making matters worse hitting speeds going 103,
coming to a screeching halt caught in grid lock tragic grasped in my rat trap I could Not break free!
Yes I was furious I had been slowed down again, and had not paid attention to Jesus saying over and over my friend...
"WHY are you Not listening to me"?

The poem will continue tomorrow..

So until then in the "Kind times" of our life please pray for me and this witnessing, as I have Just finished praying for you !

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