Saturday, February 4, 2012

Part two of my poem from my coming book "Away Back Home"

The day of love is coming and I am sharing parts of a poem I have written for my mother. My mother has been in heaven, since I was seventeen, ( that seems like a lifetime ago) but even so I feel her with me everyday. I hope this poem touches you as much as it does me! I pray that this reminds you of your mother too!

My Mothers Heart!
(Part two)

My mother needs to say no words for goodness is her silent intent.
I am happy in my mothers legacy, for there is a song with life's poetic encouragements.
I cherish that my mother touches me with hope, because my mother is love directly heaven sent.
I am thankful that my mothers lips are full of praises laced with much needed and appreciated compliments.

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I will be sharing more with you soon!